Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Hey guys, sorry i haven't been on for a while. Chaos and ...just simply not getting on blogger.com. But, I'm going to start a new blog and pray everyone get to know me a little better. I am starting a new diet which will go on for 28 days, starting today. YAY! I am now 248. My goal is to be 225 and my ultimate goal is to be 220 after the 28 days are over. Give me some courage guys, I already planned out how Im doing it, and in retrospect it's nothing big, but got to have spirit and strength and the belief that I can do it, God willing. Also, I'm thinking of doing a resume business to make money, as I am now broke. And I found online that people actually go out and spend like hundreds of dollars for this. I don't need that crap. I'm thinking a dollar per person but also make youtube vids of this stuff, since I know I can get paid that way as well. So yeah, let me know if there is something you guys particularly want. Would like to have more internet buddies. I will tell more on my new blog called KawaRiver.blogspot.com. So love you all and please get people to visit. If you want to talk to me personally my email is kawashilong@gmail. My youtube page is animegirl17. Luv you all!!

Monday, June 18, 2012



Now, that whole statement does sound a bit too excited but yes, I'm on cash crate and I want blogger.com to be my first place i put my referral code (or rather my url). The link is http://www.cashcrate.com/3771820  and to prove nothing will explode when you reach the link, I'll tell you guys a few things someone is gonna ask later. (Do know I don't have a problem with people asking questions over and over if they don't get it)

KEY NOTE: CRASHCRATE is a website in which you make small money doing surveys and offers. You can make money watching videos and refer others for money as well. Do know that you do not have to buy anything or sell anything at all. once you fill the bar on the side of the offers up to $20, they will send you a check. The minimum is $20, so for every $20 (or more you make withing the pay period) you will be sent a check. If I left out anything let me know. 

1. When you sign up on CASH CRATE, it is totally free to join and the website will give you a dollar just for doing so.

2. I suggest you make an alternate email. For the time being just use your normal email. I will explain the alternate email later.

3. CHECK THE FORUM FOR ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. (community button top of page)

4. Put your real address on CASHCRATE so that they know where to send your check, you may not do it for the offers, but definitely do it for CASHCRATE unless you are "really" interested in an offer.

5. Refer people with your link (check the earn-cash button top of page and click referrals for your link)

please respond people so i know your not dead lol. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012


You know, that old diet I did, I lost a total of 8 pounds in a seven day period. Now I'm  doing another diet for 6 days and five meals a day with more exercise. That's not what i want to talk about, i want to talk about what happened after 5pm today.

My sister made Ramen without the seasoning and a little more than 1/4 of a pack was in a bowl in the fridge so i ate that with some chesse for the third meal. I decided I should have had a full pack to be full so I was about to make a pack, use my own seasonings, but then my dad, who was also in the with me and my mom, started saying "she's a starch loving." I didn't like how that sounded. I haven't had pasta in like two weeks. WTF!!!! So the pack I opening I threw on the table and took the bowl with nothing in it down stairs and got on my computer and did some fanfiction reading. Dad came in twice to talk about it but rather he meant any harm or not, I do not like being called out as if that's all I eat. Really, and then talked about the devil and God and whatnot (I'm Christian so whatever) but really, I would be fine tomorrow when I wake up and continue with my exercising and diet. I need to be by myself sometimes, that's all. I already don't have a door (I'm separated from the family room downstairs by a curtain) and am still angry about it but will be fine when i wake up. Seriously, like i don't eat right. Apparently no one remembered my losing weight last week and haven't taken me seriously. What do yall think?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

weight loss day 5

hey everyone. I apologize for not keeping up the post, but I donated plasma yesterday (yes I'm broke) and when they weighed me I found out i lost 5-6 pounds. YAY!! I hoping to lose a total of ten pounds by wednesday morning when i donate again. If I do, I will definitely be putting up the recipe to lose ten pounds in 7 days. It's a commitment i tell ya dat. Anyway, check out the page. Tell me if I should add anything for your enjoyment. Love you all.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 1

So yesterday went well, i did everything I said i was supposed to. A little sore today, but that means it's working. Watching Rain and Inuyasha, so I will get back to everyone about today tomorrow. . . if that makes any sense. Love you all.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

weight loss

Hey everyone, I felt the need, even if no one really follows my reading, to put up my challenge for the week. I am going to lose AT LEAST ten pounds in seven days, consisted of exercising three times a day, fruit, cereal, salad, and prune juice, which I happen to actually like. I will write everyday for the next seven days to keep consistent. I can't put up pictures now, but please comment, something to keep me motivated.


Enjoy one of my favorites. (no lyrics this time, maybe in a day or so I'll add them)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Feels First Day of Summer

Hey everyone, I know I haven't been putting up posts, sorry. Been a lot going on. Enjoying my many types of Asian music as well as old school american jams, like Aaliyah and Ginuwine. However, for this post I thought I put up more than just Korean music. So every post, whatever has impacted my emotions that week, it will be put up. Feel free to ask more of what I like. I might put some of the songs you guys like into an mp3 player on the page so you always know where to find it. Anyway, very sluggish today, especially after finding out the bank couldn't process my sister's check. Felt some type of upset, but keeping up the positive. 

Last night, before I went to bed, my dumb self actually paid some attention to the microphone in the google search engine when my arrow hit it and I saw the speaker. I got too excited. Long story short, I found the name of two songs and the group that sing them in like 5 minutes. My friend made a mix tape for me 6 years ago in high school and I never knew the names. SO, in celebration of such, I'll put up the song with the lyrics. Enjoy!

P.S. Happy Memorial Day weekend!!

Also, I don't know if blogspot does a lot of misunderstandings, but to keep you guys happy, ahem...THIS IS NOT MY VIDEO, I DON'T OWN IT!!

zutto ooki na yume wo daite taisetsu ni nemura. . . 
. . .dareka no kotoba de mezameta toke no itazura de

Dont't stop me. Because it goes to be drowned. . . 
Jesus, please forgive me for the sins. . . -that I'll commit-

kanadete kimi wo sasou doko made mo aru kurai sora no you ni
karameta yubi de asobu kirisaita oto ga mata yurenagara tokashita

"daraku no kotoba wo kikasete karada no naka ni made"

Don't stop me. Because it goes to be drowned. . .
Jesus, please forgive me for the sins

hanaku kareru omoi me wo aketa mama donna yume wo miru no?
rasen ni okasareteiku harisuita uso ga tada kimi dake wo mitashite

kodoku ni fusagaretemo nukedashite mata jiyuu ni naru made
negai wa doko made demo oimotome obore kanawanakute mo sagashite

"daraku no kotoba wo kikaseta kimitachi. . . . ni. . . ma. . . . . .de. . ."